1. Siliguri Campus
A Jesuit Institution, Affiliated to the University of North Bengal
Included Under 2(F) and 12(B) of UGC ACT 1956
Rajganj Campus Siliguri Campus

Rules & Regulations


To appear for the University Examinations a student requires a minimum of 75% attendance. The college expects the students to maintain maximum attendance, not just the minimum 75% required by University rules. Those who absent themselves without prior permission from the Principal or Vice Principal are not allowed to attend classes till they meet the principal, explain the reasons for absence, pay a fine and obtain an absentee slip.

Dress Code & Uniforms

On ordinary Class days students are expected to wear decent dress keeping in mind the public expectations from students belonging to educational institutes of repute, particularly the Xaverian fraternity of Jesuit Institutions. Uniform is mandatory for BBA students on all class days. On special occasions during the year, all are expected to wear the College Uniform. Access to such occasions will be restricted to those who wear the College Uniform.

Matters of Discipline

All forms of ragging shall be considered antisocial and criminal acts, inviting rustication and legal proceedings. During Class hours those students who are free must not gather in groups in Class rooms and corridors, and indulge in loud conversations which shall cause disturbance and inconvenience to others. Non-compliance with the rules and regulations of the College, all forms of unruly behavior, defiance and disrespect of teachers and staff, defacing and destroying College property, behavior and activities that militate against the spirit of the College and tarnish its image shall be referred to the College Discipline Committee or the Grievance Cell for appropriate disciplinary action against the errant students. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the campus.

Identity Card

Students are asked to keep with them at all times their ID cards issued by the college and show the cards to staff members and college security guards as and when required.

Use of Cell Phones

Use of cell phones within the College buildings (Class rooms, libraries, laboratories, corridors, laboratories, etc) during class hours is not allowed. Within the college buildings the mobile sets must be kept in silent mode.

Using the cell phones within the campus to record voices, lectures, conservations, photos of others, etc without permission and to play loud music shall be considered serious abuses and shall invite disciplinary action. Within the college campus cell phones shall be used only for brief, urgent conversations.

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